Issues Concerning Family Child Care 


MLFCCA submitted this report to providers on August 5, 2013:


Clarification on Licensing Fee increases:

There has been much confusion regarding Licensing Fee increases. Per Mary Kelsey, Office of the Inspector General (OIG), the new HCBS licensing fee structure based on income does not apply to family child care. There were no changes to child care license fees this session. 

The changes affect providers of certain home and community-based services provided to people with disabilities and those ages 65 and older. These services are currently unlicensed or are developmental disability services licensed under Chapter 245B. Most of the services are funded under one of Minnesota's Medicaid waiver programs.


During the last legislative session there were changes made to the licensing rules for providers.  The following meetings are for providers to understand and comment on these changes.

The Public Policy meetings are there so we can have a say about the rules that DHS would like to change and send to legislation. Below are dates listed to go and listen and have a voice. If you scroll down to documents you will see the results of the survey that went out. Please also go to www.mlfcca.org for more details!



MLFCCA has sought clarification from the Bureau of Mediation Services (BMS) regarding the definition of eligible voters in a potential union election. BMS has declined to offer a definition.


Interpretations of “eligible voter” include:


1.    Only providers who have received a CCAP payment in the past 12 months prior to a vote.

2.    Providers who are registered to accept CCAP clients.


Until a definitive statement is made, MLFCCA continues to encourage all providers to vote in a potential union election. Register now with the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) now to be a potential eligible voter.


1.    Registering with CCAP does NOT require you to accept CCAP clients.

2.    Registering with CCAP will NOT make you a part of a union.  

3.    Registering with CCAP may or may not make you an eligible voter.


A union election could occur anytime within the next 4 years. While the exact timing of a union election is not known MLFCCA continues to encourage providers to serve all families.

Information about registering with CCAP:

The Department of Human Services has directed counties and other agencies administering CCAP to allow a provider to register for CCAP using the appropriate DHS registration forms and processes when a provider expresses interest in being authorized to receive child care assistance payments. 


If a union wins an election, only providers who are receiving CCAP reimbursement payments will become part of the bargaining unit as a full member or a fair share participant. If you are registered, you will not become a part of the bargaining unit unless you accept CCAP reimbursement payments.


How to register: 

1. Contact your county to request a registration packet by mail,




2. Download the registration and mail it to your countyhttps://edocs.dhs.state.mn.us/lfserver/public/DHS-5190-ENG


Find your Countyhttp://www.dhs.state.mn.us/main/idcplg?IdcService=GET_DYNAMIC_CONVERSION&RevisionSelectionMethod=LatestReleased&dDocName=id_008777

For more information from both sides of this issue:

AFSCME/CCPT: www.ccptmn.org

Coalition of Union Free Providers: www.childcareunioninfo.com



MLFCCA is an industry trade association, not a union. MLFCCA maintains a neutral position on unionization and supports a vote of all licensed family childcare providers.

LCCPAC is taking a neutral stand concerning the union.  Our mission statement states that we will bring any issues concerning licensed child care to providers.  The links below will take you to a few of the website that have the facts.





You may also send your concerns to media@lccpac.org so your voice can be heard on any child care issues.